Pricing Page of ZenClass Service
Last updated at December 1, 2020
This Pricing Page is the part of Terms of Service and any other references to Company terms or policies and attachments posted at from time to time as though those policies were included in Terms of Service.

1. Plan for using Zenclass Service

1.1. Any plan includes:

1.1.1. Unlimited quantity of end-users, admins of Zenclass accounts, and courses.
1.1.2. Unlimited plan for email service.
1.1.3. Storage space for each account - 50 GB. If you need to increase storage space please send a message to our support team ([email protected]).

1.2. Pricing plans:

1.2.1. One-month plan – $37
1.2.2. One-quarter plan – $99
1.2.3. One-year plan – $348

1.3. Payment Terms:

1.3.1. All plans that are pre-paid are non-refundable, non-cancellable, and non-creditable.

1.4. Additional features:

1.4.1. Disabling of Zenclass logo available only on One Year Plan.